• Cihangir Group aims sustainability in quality and design by following the changing sector dynamism by expert team members. Until 2006, they continue to export their own leather collections to the global market.

    Within this parallelism , the company which started to export ready wear clothing made of knitted fabric since the beginning of 2000’s has increased its quality of service for all their customers by directing its investments to this field. Cihangir Textile, which is aware that time management is valuable in planning and work delivery processes. Cihangir Textile has clarified its position in global market by producing positive values and has acheived to increase customer loyalty by strenghtening its supplier structure with "Quality and Trust" principles. Cihangir Textile takes care of all work flow dynamics and the principle of being systematic and sensitive, which is the necessity of textile industry. In 2015, the company passed to the management of Ersan CİHANGİR as the new generation and has caught a quick trend by directing the modern requirements with a dynamic vision. The management team, which has been growing vertically in commercial life, maintaning to add value to education and construction sectors by providing employment up to 1500 people.
  • Cihangir Group
    was founded by
    Ergul Cihangir
    who decided to
    continue the sectoral
    experience that he
    started in the 70s in 1986
    as an entrepreneur.

To obtain and present high-quality service by supporting constant development awairing that the most valuable factor is human.


Our target is to be an innovatory supplier while providing reliability and sustainability.


Self confident with its experienced staff and steady steps to develop and grow in the world, where a new innovation has emerged day by day.


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